Save time filing Form EIA-923

The U.S. Energy Information Administration collects monthly and yearly data relating to electricity generation, fuel consumption, fossil fuel stocks, and receipts via Form EIA-923. The preparation and submittal process can be very time consuming and error prone as it requires much manual data entry.

SharkForms for EIA-923 is a secure website that saves time and reduces errors by eliminating nearly all data entry.

How does it work?

Filing diagram

  1. Extract the data required for Form EIA-923 from your power plant software system and save it in easy-to-use CSV files.
  2. Import the EIA-923 data on the SharkForms for EIA-923 website in order to prepare your submittal.
  3. Use the SharkForms for EIA-923 website to validate your data and make adjustments to it until you are ready to submit.
  4. SharkForms for EIA-923 website's submit feature makes it easy to submit your EIA-923 surveys with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  5. Receive feedback directly from EIA via email regarding your submittal.